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Meet our new team member Daisy Linssen!

Who am I?

My name is Daisy, I am 34 years old and live in a beautiful small town called Wessem. I live together with my partner, two daughters and two dogs. I studied Facility Management, managed to graduate and get my bachelor’s degree, in 2012. After that I worked for various companies with main focus on sales and logistic.

What do I like to do?

When I am not caring for and having good times with my family, I love to go out with friends, having dinner, drinking wine, shopping and go to festivals. Besides that, I also try to clear my mind by visiting the gym two times a week. 

Why InfinITy?

After being an SAP key-user for 2,5 years I felt it was time for a next step. That’s why I also believe it wasn’t coincidence that InfinITy contacted me. After several conversations, InfinITy felt as an organization where I would fit perfectly, no nonsense, driven and fun! And especially an organization where I will have the chance to develop myself and I will keep on growing!

Number 1 on bucket list?

I have never been to the country where part of my roots lies, Indonesia. Hopefully, I may visit it one time with my partner and kids!

Meet our new team member Tamara Jetten!

Who am I?

My name is Tamara, I am 28 years old and live in Sittard. I did my bachelor in Industrial Engineering in Heerlen and in 2020 I got my master’s degree in Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University. During, as wel as after my studies, I have worked in various roles within the supply chain sector.

What do I like to do?

At least 4 times per week you can find me in the gym, where I do powerlifting. I also really like to travel, to explore the world. I am always in for new adventures and experiences, for example I’ve started snowboarding two years ago. I also like various activities like barbecueing, walking or just hanging out with friends.

Why InfinITy?

After the various roles I experienced in the supply chain sector, I thought it was time for a next step where I can keep on learning and challenging myself. I am convinced that SAP consultancy is exactly the right challenge for me. InfinITy has the right drive and knowledge, so I am very happy to get the opportunity to join the team and to develop myself as SAP consultant.

Number 1 on bucket list?

Last year I have started motorcycle lessons, so my number 1 item on my bucket list is getting my license and then my own motorcycle.

Meet our new team member Rafaël Janssen!

Who am I?

My name is Rafaël, I have been born and raised in a village called Ulestraten next to Maastricht Airport. As of this year I live together with my girlfriend in a beautiful apartment in Meerssen. I started studying Industrial Engineering in Heerlen in 2015, in which I found my interest in logistics. After my bachelor I decided to get my master at Maastricht University in Information Management and Business Intelligence which made me interested in the combination of IT and logistics, which made me decide to start my career as a SAP consultant.

What do I like to do?

Together with my girlfriend we like to explore new cities and find the best hidden restaurants. Besides that, we also like to go to festivals and concerts of our favorite artists. In my free time, I enjoy cycling in the hilly landscape of Limburg and trying out new dishes at home, unfortunately this has made me the daily chef for now. In the time that is left I try to help my girlfriend with her business.

Why InfinITy?

During one of my internships, I became acquainted with InfinITy Business Consulting and eventually during my master I contacted them which resulted in joining their team. I really like the no-nonsense culture and the possibilities they offer in order to develop myself as an SAP consultant.

Number 1 on bucket list?

Difficult question to answer, but I hope one day to have a nice home for my family including a labradoodle.

Meet our new team member Thijs Kern!

Who am I?

My name is Thijs. I’ve been born and raised in Kerkrade where I’ve been happily living for 27 years. I started studying Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven in 2015. During my studies I’ve worked at six different departments within Boston Scientific over a period of three years and also did my 3rd year internship at the engineering department. I did my thesis at Abbott Vascular Netherlands after which I graduated and got my bachelor’s degree in April of 2020.  

Other people characterize me as a good friend, slightly stubborn, a joker at times and straight to the point.

What do I like to do?

I love playing games, both off- and online. In the weekends I’m often at my friends’ place playing board games or going out for dinner whereas during the week I come home after work and play games online with my friends. Luckily that is not the only thing my world revolves around as I also like to workout quite regularly. I’ve also been trying to be strict with my diet and try to refrain from drinking alcohol too often.

Besides that I’m interested in blockchain technology and like to educate myself, from time to time, on some of the wide variety of topics and areas of application available within the space.

Why InfinITy?

My years at Boston Scientific and the interactions I had with SAP as a direct user, but also as an engineer, made me realize how much added value a well-designed warehousing system could deliver. From up close I experienced how the fact that two systems (SAP and WM6) within the company couldn’t communicate with each other was causing high inventory discrepancies and slowing down the put-away and picking processes.

My other experience with logistics companies and the books I have read regarding issues of the 21st century, have convinced me that the future lies with digitalization, automation and robotics. I would like to do my part in this and I feel like I get a chance to do so at Infinity.

Number 1 on bucket list?

To have my own family some day in the future.

Meet our new team member Vera van Ommeren!

Who am I?

I am Vera, 27 years old and living in Eindhoven right now, and hopefully soon with my boyfriend. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Breda together with my little brother. For 5 years I’ve lived in a large student house, where I had a great time and now I moved to a more quiet place on my own. In 2020 I got my master’s degree from the University of Technology Eindhoven and eventually became interested in SAP. This is why I started a traineeship to become a SAP consultant.

What do I like to do?

I love to do wine tastings and go to fancy restaurants with my boyfriend. He’s in the wine business, so I am trying to become an expert now as well. I also like to hang out with my friends and have long conversations about anything. When I’m alone I like to read a book, play games or paint. When I’ve time left, I like to do the graphic design of my boyfriend’s business.

Why InfinITy?

When I started my traineeship at ITrainee, I became interested in logistics and improving logistic processes. They offered me different companies and InfinITy was immediately interesting to me. I really like the open and honest culture and the opportunity to develop myself in a well-rounded SAP consultant. For the first 15 months I will be doing my traineeship at Iand after that hopefully be hired officially by InfinITy.

Number 1 on bucket list?

Travel to the United States and make a road trip to see the national parks.

Medior SAP-Consultant Logistiek

Welkom bij dé SAP-partner in Supply chain management van Nederland! InfinITy Consulting bestaat uit een divers team van SAP-experts op het gebied van Supply chain management. Met passie duiken wij in de wonderen wereld van SAP en ondersteunen wij diverse nationale en internationale klanten met hun logistieke SAP-processen. In uitdagende projecten zetten wij onze kennis in om de beste SAP-ondersteuning aan te bieden. Maakt jou dit enthousiast?! Wil jij ook deel uitmaken van dit topteam?! Dat kan!

Heb jij affiniteit met logistiek en SAP en wil jij graag een mooie uitdagende carrière tegemoet gaan? Dan is deze baan iets voor jou.

Wat kun je verwachten?

Uitdagende projecten;

Vol op doorgroeimogelijkheden;

Mogelijkheden voor certificeringen en cursussen;

Uiteraard een goed salaris, leaseauto en mogelijkheid tot thuiswerken.

Wat neem je mee?

Afgeronde HBO/WO opleiding;

Diepgaande SAP SCM kennis;



Spreekt en schrijft Nederlands en Engels;


Work hard- play hard! InfinITy consulting vindt het belangrijk dat naast al dat harde werken ook goed ontspannen wordt! Daarom worden er vaak diverse leuke teamuitjes georganiseerd. Ben jij nou nog enthousiaster geworden?! Wacht dan niet en bel of mail nu naar +31 (0)6 17 55 80 54.

New Team Member: Ruben Welling

Who am I?
Hi, my name is Ruben and 38 years old. Together with my wife Siobhan and 3 daughters Dimphy (21), Bayleigh Sky (11) & Riva June (7), I am living in Hoensbroek near to Heerlen. After graduating from the Hogeschool Zuyd in Facility Management, I rolled into logistics. For the last 15 years I served in different analytical roles in logistics (specialized in warehousing) such as logistics analyst, sr. engineer & continuous improvement specialist within the Medtech industry.

What do I like to do?
After an “experience present” from my wife a couple of months ago, I love to play music. She sent me to a guitar lesson and since then I try to be a musician. Next to that I really enjoy spending time with the family, especially when the weather is good to go discover some “unknown” terraces where the kids can play, and we can philosophize about life.

Why InfinITy?
When I was working for a previous company, I also worked closely with some (now direct) colleagues. I’m convinced that the drive of all those employees and the no-nonsense culture within the company will accelerate my knowledge to be a valuable member within every future assignment as an SAP consultant.

Number  1 on bucket list?
I would love to run the New York marathon. But considering my almost not doing sport/exercise mindset at this moment of time, I’m afraid it will be on the list for a long time to be finally ticked off.

Merry X-mas!

InfinITy wenst u Prettige Kerstdagen en een succesvol 2021!


InfinITy wishes you a Merry Christmas and a successful 2021!

Gezocht: SAP SD Consultant

Voor onze klant zijn wij op zoek naar een SAP SD Consultant met sterke kennis van Pricing en VAT.
Ben jij deze consultant, of ken jij iemand, die voor ons aan de slag kan gaan, neem dan contact met ons op.