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The POW-er of making the right choices during scarcity

COVID-19 is hampering logistics worldwide, be it shipping your product out or receiving enough stock from your vendor. This logistical problem hits a lot of companies, small or big, and creates a constraint in terms of finished goods distribution. Most Sales and Supply Chain departments need to answer the following question; how to deploy our limited inventory while still keeping our promises and providing the highest value?

Answering this conflicting question is a puzzle that needs business input and system support. As more and more companies are moving towards an agile approach, flexibility and speed is required. Getting to a correct business input and setting the rules is hard and requires (flexible) people.

Systems, and in particular SAP, are rigid for business continuation. You wouldn’t want your system failing and not being able to ship out products for example. That rigidity however brings some inflexibility and increases throughput time if changes are required. In a situation like COVID-19 you want to be able to quickly adapt to a new situation and change your system where needed without disrupting business continuity.

A good solution would be to deliver the products only to high prio customers while also keeping inventory available for general customer satisfaction. This solution can be accomplished in a SAP system by means of Product Allocation. Based on a set of business rules you only promise what can be done, in terms of incoming and available inventory, keeping in mind the limitations of your (global) supply chain.

Just as I-Man, we can help you find the best fitting solution for this problem. InfinITy Business Consulting is deploying functionalities in end-2-end situations. In a next article we will dive into the details of Product Allocation in S4H with means of a use case. Do you recognize the inventory struggles or just want to know more on Product Allocation in general, feel free to contact us by any means possible.

InfinITy Consulting and COMPUTD join forces!

InfinITy Consulting and COMPUTD started a partnership to create an excellent value of expertise by combining the knowledge of process optimization and solutions in SAP with data science.

In today’s world the market is changing every minute. Products and services are more complex and the time-to-market is getting shorter. Therefore it is important that companies have the best optimized processes and getting the best out of their data.

With this partnership InfinITy Consulting and COMPUTD can guide customers to more efficient logistical processes. The joint force is to use artificial intelligence solutions and on-demand data science in combination with excellent knowledge of SAP and business processes. The results will be new insights which can be translated into new business cases with real added value.

We are looking forward working together and combine our knowledge to create excellent service for our customers!

Brian Pinckaers - InfinITy Consulting

“There is a great future in data. We expect a lot from this close cooperation with COMPUTD; we will be able to work more economically and efficiently thanks to clear insights from data.We were looking for a next dimension in our consultancy services and found this with our partnership with COMPUTD.”

About InfinITy consulting

InfinITy Business Consulting is a SAP Consultancy Company specialized in supply chain planning and supply chain execution solutions. InfinITy helps a variety of customers in various industries in realizing these ambitions and aims to create customer satisfaction through turning the in-depth SAP product knowledge into a solid simplified business solution.


COMPUTD is specialized in providing services in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. COMPUTD aims at becoming the trusted data science expert by taking the client on a data journey. The data journeys helps the clients going towards data-driven decision making, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.

Dirk Bongers - COMPUTD

COMPUTD sees a great potential of applying SAP solutions at their clients. A partnership with Infinity Consulting means we can offer the right expertise and insights in SAP systems to our clients. COMPUTD is looking forward to partnering with Infinity Consulting.


Brian Pinckaers | InfinITy Consulting                    
E-mail address:                Phone number: 06 - 1755 8054                                                  


Dirk Bongers | COMPUTD
E-mail address:    
Phone number:  06 - 3874 9712

Bob’s wraps-idea!

Wie vaak op de weg zit, ziet veel auto’s met een bedrijfslogo of slogan. Vaak laten bedrijven hun werknemers, zoals monteurs of vertegenwoordigers, in een van deze rijdende visitekaartje naamsbekendheid genereren op de weg. Echter wanneer het een privé -of leaseauto betreft, zien we weinig reclame meer op de auto. Maar dan ken je Bob nog niet. Bob Joosten heeft zijn leaseauto ingepakt in een wrap met eigen design van het bedrijf waar hij werkzaam is.

“Het design draagt uit waar ik waarde aan hecht.”

Bob Joosten

Het begon allemaal met zijn eerste auto, waar hij een grote sticker liet plaatsen op de deur en de achterruit. Bij zijn tweede leaseauto wilde hij ook met zijn design echt uitdragen waar hij waarde aan hecht en waar Bob zich onderdeel van voelt. Dat is het bedrijf InfinITy Consulting. “Ik vind het ook ontzettend vet om iets op de wagen te hebben dat het toch weer anders maakt en dat niet op een groot reclamebord lijkt, maar écht iets toevoegt aan de auto. Daarom heb ik met wat hulp van MH roadstyling het design gemaakt. Na veel bloed, zweet en irritatie, mag het resultaat er zijn en ben ik enorm trots op het design.”

"Wow dat is tof!”   -  "VET!!!"

Klanten van InfinITy Consulting

InfinITy Consulting is erg blij met de extra “reclame”. Klanten en collega's zijn allemaal erg positief. Vooral de reliëf letters op de achterklep worden als top ervaren naast de visuals op de zijkant.

“Ik verwacht niet dat iedereen zo gek is als ik ben!”

Bob Joosten

Tegenwoordig is de auto een verlengstuk van je persoonlijkheid. Velen willen dit accentueren. Bob hoopt uiteindelijk dat dit de nieuwe standaard wordt binnen het bedrijf, misschien niet met een complete wrap, maar met wat kleine stickers op de auto van de consultant. 

Heb jij Bob gespot; toeter dan eens naar hem!



In today’s economy, customer satisfaction is very important. Every supplier wants to deliver his customer at the agreed time. You need a reliable, fast and efficient system to accomplish this, as demand and supplies can change rapidly in between.  How nice would it be that an MRP Controller would receive a message on his smartphone if the demand or supply changes. With MRP LIVE this has become reality!

What is MRP LIVE?

MRP Live on HANA (MD01N) was implemented to improve MRP performance on HANA. This is a new MRP mode, which has been fully redesigned to run  in-memory. It can  run in background  as well as in foreground.

MRP-controller benefits:

  • More up-to-date supply and demand information that forms the base for decisions.
  • Faster reaction to demand changes reduces the risk of stock-outs and means that you can reduce safety stocks.
  • Match demand and supply more efficiently than was previously possible.
  • Identify and react to issues faster than was previously possible.

When to use? Classic vs MRP Live

For each low level code, which planning run is used depends on the MRP parameters defined for the materials in the material master record and in Customizing. Below is the sequence of planning when using MRP Hana.

Is IBP on your planning?

Innovation has not been idle in recent decades. Planning software has evolved every 10 years due to new insights.

Currently the newest mid- and longterm planning flagship of SAP is Integrated Business Planning. It strongly focuses on digitization of Supply Chain and will boost your performance.

Planning for the future starts here!

Please contact us for more information.


Are you still using SAP APO? Unfortunately, this planning optimisation system won’t be available after 2027. Did you check the alternatives already? We did! SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) can be a good way to go. Do you want to know the possibilities of this planning system and be prepared for possible hick-ups while making the switch? We can help you! Just send us a message!

New warehouse

Sometimes demand is growing quickly and suddenly you need a completely new warehouse to accommodate this growing demand. At one of our projects we had to overcome major challenges while merging two business units and special processes into a single warehouse which is fully SAP warehouse managed and functional via RF picking. We contributed to this project by creating the blueprint, configuring this layout and proposing solutions to operational issues.

The company’s customers are already receiving their orders timely and efficiently. Another example of a job well done by InfinITy Business Consulting.

Extended Warehouse Management

InfinITy Consulting guides you in making the right decisions to optimize your warehouse processes. In some cases, Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), is the perfect solution! It generates a direct connection to PLC, without any third party MFS. It controls the conveyors and other resources without an external material flow system.

It gives many options to automize your processes. The program makes sure to prioritize which product has to be picked up first and with the technique of interleaving your conveyer belt will never be empty. EWM is able to monitor every step of your Warehouse process. Curious if EWM will make your process more efficient? We can advice you! Just send me a message.