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Are you still using SAP APO? Unfortunately, this planning optimisation system won’t be available after 2027. Did you check the alternatives already? We did! SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) can be a good way to go. Do you want to know the possibilities of this planning system and be prepared for possible hick-ups while making the switch? We can help you! Just send us a message!

New warehouse

Sometimes demand is growing quickly and suddenly you need a completely new warehouse to accommodate this growing demand. At one of our projects we had to overcome major challenges while merging two business units and special processes into a single warehouse which is fully SAP warehouse managed and functional via RF picking. We contributed to this project by creating the blueprint, configuring this layout and proposing solutions to operational issues.

The company’s customers are already receiving their orders timely and efficiently. Another example of a job well done by InfinITy Business Consulting.

Extended Warehouse Management

InfinITy Consulting guides you in making the right decisions to optimize your warehouse processes. In some cases, Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), is the perfect solution! It generates a direct connection to PLC, without any third party MFS. It controls the conveyors and other resources without an external material flow system.

It gives many options to automize your processes. The program makes sure to prioritize which product has to be picked up first and with the technique of interleaving your conveyer belt will never be empty. EWM is able to monitor every step of your Warehouse process. Curious if EWM will make your process more efficient? We can advice you! Just send me a message.