How To Predict Delivery Performance?

Measuring the efficiency and accuracy of our supply chain is very crucial in determining overall performance and ensuring that customers in the end of the day remain happy and satisfied. In the following post we will introduce one of our solution concepts that enables businesses to predict their future logistics and delivery performance by predicting OTIF deliveries.

OTIF is a powerful and critical metric quantifying delivery performance. It stands for On Time and In Full and calculates whether deliveries are arriving on time and in full requested quantity to the customers.
Once the metric is set up, it provides important insights into what ratios the deliveries are performing as expected and whether further attention and inspection is needed.
It is also possible to independently evaluate for the two separate parts of the measure: on time (finding late deliveries) and in full (finding accidentally partial deliveries). This serves as first step of our solution.

With an AI-driven approach we aim to prepare your business for future scenarios, give you information about when to expect your deliveries to be late and not full. Our solution also focuses on finding the main root-causes of why the deliveries are late and not complete. This is also one of the main enablers of overcoming the problems. With this knowledge your business can turn the attention on what truly matters and prepare up ahead for coming events. Our consultants can also guide you in ensuring that the correct data capture is set up within your company and is at the adequate granular level so that the calculation can take place properly.

 Are you interested in exploring how the prediction of OTIF deliveries can help your business? Feel free to reach out to us for a consultation to see how we can help your business remain competitive!

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