Joost Timmermans

april 19, 2021

COVID-19 is hampering logistics worldwide, be it shipping your product out or receiving enough stock from your vendor. This logistical problem hits

Joost Timmermans

december 3, 2020

InfinITy Consulting and COMPUTD started a partnership to create an excellent value of expertise by combining the knowledge of process optimization and

Joost Timmermans

juni 11, 2020

Wie vaak op de weg zit, ziet veel auto’s met een bedrijfslogo of slogan. Vaak laten bedrijven hun werknemers, zoals monteurs of

Joost Timmermans

mei 14, 2020

S4 HANA MRP LIVE vs Classic MRPIn today’s economy, customer satisfaction is very important. Every supplier wants to deliver his customer at

Joost Timmermans

mei 1, 2020

Innovation has not been idle in recent decades. Planning software has evolved every 10 years due to new insights.Currently the newest mid-

Brian Pinckaers

april 14, 2020

Are you still using SAP APO? Unfortunately, this planning optimisation system won’t be available after 2027. Did you check the alternatives already?