Meet our new team member Rafaël Janssen!

Who am I?

My name is Rafaël, I have been born and raised in a village called Ulestraten next to Maastricht Airport. As of this year I live together with my girlfriend in a beautiful apartment in Meerssen. I started studying Industrial Engineering in Heerlen in 2015, in which I found my interest in logistics. After my bachelor I decided to get my master at Maastricht University in Information Management and Business Intelligence which made me interested in the combination of IT and logistics, which made me decide to start my career as a SAP consultant.

What do I like to do?

Together with my girlfriend we like to explore new cities and find the best hidden restaurants. Besides that, we also like to go to festivals and concerts of our favorite artists. In my free time, I enjoy cycling in the hilly landscape of Limburg and trying out new dishes at home, unfortunately this has made me the daily chef for now. In the time that is left I try to help my girlfriend with her business.

Why InfinITy?

During one of my internships, I became acquainted with InfinITy Business Consulting and eventually during my master I contacted them which resulted in joining their team. I really like the no-nonsense culture and the possibilities they offer in order to develop myself as an SAP consultant.

Number 1 on bucket list?

Difficult question to answer, but I hope one day to have a nice home for my family including a labradoodle.

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