Meet our new team member Thijs Kern!

Who am I?

My name is Thijs. I’ve been born and raised in Kerkrade where I’ve been happily living for 27 years. I started studying Industrial Engineering in Eindhoven in 2015. During my studies I’ve worked at six different departments within Boston Scientific over a period of three years and also did my 3rd year internship at the engineering department. I did my thesis at Abbott Vascular Netherlands after which I graduated and got my bachelor’s degree in April of 2020.  

Other people characterize me as a good friend, slightly stubborn, a joker at times and straight to the point.

What do I like to do?

I love playing games, both off- and online. In the weekends I’m often at my friends’ place playing board games or going out for dinner whereas during the week I come home after work and play games online with my friends. Luckily that is not the only thing my world revolves around as I also like to workout quite regularly. I’ve also been trying to be strict with my diet and try to refrain from drinking alcohol too often.

Besides that I’m interested in blockchain technology and like to educate myself, from time to time, on some of the wide variety of topics and areas of application available within the space.

Why InfinITy?

My years at Boston Scientific and the interactions I had with SAP as a direct user, but also as an engineer, made me realize how much added value a well-designed warehousing system could deliver. From up close I experienced how the fact that two systems (SAP and WM6) within the company couldn’t communicate with each other was causing high inventory discrepancies and slowing down the put-away and picking processes.

My other experience with logistics companies and the books I have read regarding issues of the 21st century, have convinced me that the future lies with digitalization, automation and robotics. I would like to do my part in this and I feel like I get a chance to do so at Infinity.

Number 1 on bucket list?

To have my own family some day in the future.

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