In today’s economy, customer satisfaction is very important. Every supplier wants to deliver his customer at the agreed time. You need a reliable, fast and efficient system to accomplish this, as demand and supplies can change rapidly in between.  How nice would it be that an MRP Controller would receive a message on his smartphone if the demand or supply changes. With MRP LIVE this has become reality!

What is MRP LIVE?

MRP Live on HANA (MD01N) was implemented to improve MRP performance on HANA. This is a new MRP mode, which has been fully redesigned to run  in-memory. It can  run in background  as well as in foreground.

MRP-controller benefits:

  • More up-to-date supply and demand information that forms the base for decisions.
  • Faster reaction to demand changes reduces the risk of stock-outs and means that you can reduce safety stocks.
  • Match demand and supply more efficiently than was previously possible.
  • Identify and react to issues faster than was previously possible.

When to use? Classic vs MRP Live

For each low level code, which planning run is used depends on the MRP parameters defined for the materials in the material master record and in Customizing. Below is the sequence of planning when using MRP Hana.

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